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As a boy, Paul loved the television show M.A.S.H. So, he decided to become a doctor. By the age of ten, he was awarded Cub-Scout of the Year and won Best Dance Moves at the Ottawa-South Firehall Disco Dance. Paul seemed unstoppable. But soon after, he became addicted to 7/11 Super Big Gulps of Coca-Cola and Donkey Kong. (“Mom, I don’t know why I can’t sleep at night.) He barely got through grade 9. The following year, he attended Arts Canterbury High School where he learned that life had something else in store for him, something a little less "Hawkeye" Pierce and a lot more Alan Alda.

Paul never wanted to be an actor, but he couldn’t help himself. It was too much fun working with creative, intelligent, sensitive people. Ever since he booked his first leading role as the Prince in The Three Little Pigs - don’t ask! - Paul hasn't stopped working. In the blink of an eye, he found himself attending movie premiers in Los Angeles -  Zombies/More Tales of the City; voicing national ad campaigns - ViaRail, Belair Direct, A.L. Van Houtte… ; and running North America’s largest touring Shakespeare-in-the-Park Company - Repercussion Theatre.

This guy loves to play. Seriously. He loves connecting with others to figure out the best, most dynamic, or the funniest way to tell a story. After 30 years of success as an actor, voiceover artist, director and teacher, Paul still honours that connection and marvels at the magic of it all. Maybe he's not a doctor but he treats storytelling like life depends on it.

If you’re looking for someone who makes stuff happen and is willing to put himself out on a limb to do it, Paul's your guy. He’s got the integrity of a cub scout and all the right dance moves. You want to work with him. 

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