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March 6 – April 3 (Wednesdays, 6-9:30 pm)

Fee: $310*

With Paul Hopkins

Location: Rockway Mennonite Church

(47 Onward Ave. Kitchener - at the back)

*Space is limited
*Please submit a resume or a brief note expressing your interest and experience at Session will be by invitation only.

*Early Bird Special Register by Feb 26: $275


Suitable for actors (and other theatre, film and tv professionals) of all levels.

This course will focus on the foundational exercises used by Sanford Meisner to train actors. It’s suitable for actors (and other theatre, film and tv professionals) of all levels.

The Meisner technique is highly regarded for its ability to help actors tap into their intuition and give authentic, instinctive performances. By participating in this course, you'll learn to move beyond self-conscious and overly intellectualized performances, allowing you to connect more deeply with your character, your scene partner(s) and audience. This course is designed to establish an ongoing atelier for artists to continue developing their craft. Our instructor is highly experienced, and you'll have the opportunity to work with fellow actors in a supportive and collaborative environment.

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Paul Hopkins
His extensive acting career includes two seasons at the Stratford Festival; a leading role in the ground-breaking, Emmy-nominated series, “More and Further Tales of the City”. Currently he’s best known as the latest "Disney dad", the Dale Wells character on “Z.O.M.B.I.E.S 1, 2 and 3”.   He was, for 8 years, he was the Artistic Director of Repercussion Theatre in Montreal and one of his most recent theatre production, “Civilized”, received rave reviews across Canada.
Aside from an extensive career as an actor and director, Paul studied the internationally renowned Meisner-accredited teacher Jacqueline McClintock; and with Sandy Marshall, in Los Angeles, where he worked alongside a dedicated class of seasoned actors who maintained their actor chops through Meisner's work.
“The Meisner technique has taught me how to listen in a way that taps into a depth of creativity and generosity beyond what I could imagine.”
It is this Los Angeles workshop that Paul hopes to initiate in Montreal, aligning with the mandate at La Porte Rouge.

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« La technique Meisner a été une révélation pour moi. Un outil pour faire confiance à mes impulsions et laisser des connexions authentiques se faire par elles-mêmes ». Julia a été formée à cette technique pendant plus de 5 ans par Scott Williams de l’Impulse Company à New-York City, Londres et Paris, et par Robert Cordier à Paris.
Artiste pluridisciplinaire en chant, danse et théâtre, Julia commence sa carrière en France en théâtre musical, opérettes et théâtre classique avant de s’intéresser au travail pour la caméra. Elle travaille notamment plusieurs années avec Jacques Duparc ce qui la mènera sur les scènes de l’Opéra de Reims et de l’Opéra d’Avignon. Elle joue du Molière au Théâtre Fontaine à Paris dans la Compagnie Colette Roumanoff, interprète le Prince dans la comédie musicale « Le Prince et Le Pauvre »  de Julien Salvia et Ludovic Alexandre Vidal. En 2016 elle arrive à Montréal, où elle interprète Hâgar dans « Hâgar » et la source de Mounia Chadi, puis rejoint le collectif Passeurs de Voix en tant qu’artiste et coach d’acteurs, pour leur création immersive et déambulatoire d’après Migraaants de Visniec.

The Atelier Meisner: Services
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